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Hello I am from the server GEMINI I have been playing since the time when the game was called AirRivals and its producer was Gameforge.
I have such a small question maybe someone knowledgeable will answer me xD

When the merger of the EUROPEAN server ACEOnline ? New events are created I see, but what for when no one has players.
Time spent on uploading events should be spent on making one global server Ace online EUROPA.
So many years this game is already standing still as far as players are concerned !!!

Earnings from credits are also not there because it does not pay to put money in the game I'm wondering only the machine and the domain on which this game stands cost๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”.

Waste of nerves and the best game I played when I was 10-11 lat๐Ÿ›ฉ๏ธ

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I think there is a consideration of merging the servers. But, I don't know when.ย 

BTW, Gameforge was never the producer. Masang Soft always own the game. Gameforge was just the contractor to distribute the game in Europe. When the contract ended Masang Soft took everything, not knowing what to do with us. However, over the time, Masang Soft started slowly improving things. They got us a Xingcode, started making events and evenย answering support.ย 

I still have fate in Masang Soft.

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