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  1. Yes, I had the same idea about the integrated server event. It was a event for us however, it was a BETA for Masang that they can try it out before make it real. After the event is done nobody talks about it anymore. About the closing, I also thought about the same as you did. Push players away and close the game. But, why do they still do event? If they want to close it? Closing is not that easy! I have been playing in the same server for 13 years. I don't play anything else. I have spend a good deal of money to my character in GAMEFORGE as well as Masang Soft. I only have one Igear. 13 years of time, effort and money is focused on the Igear. God help them if they take it from me.
  2. I agree. I also asked a Korean player about the game. He says there are 30 players, Arena is closed but, Infinity is open, events every month but, rewards are not good. I haven't seen an enemy player for 3 weeks. Arena and Infinity have been closed for over 3 years. I think Masang Soft is aware of these problems and planning to fix it. Especially, the problem with number of the active players.
  3. Hey step Air! Well, it's been a while crystal system is changed. I don't think you necessarily need to get into Hidden Place to grinding experience. You can grind exp. in Lost Oasis on the Rocket Launchers. They give quite a bit exp. and they spawn very fast. About the weapons; you just gotta level up. And, make your weapons out of 110 level NGC weapons. They are the best right now.
  4. I think there is a consideration of merging the servers. But, I don't know when. BTW, Gameforge was never the producer. Masang Soft always own the game. Gameforge was just the contractor to distribute the game in Europe. When the contract ended Masang Soft took everything, not knowing what to do with us. However, over the time, Masang Soft started slowly improving things. They got us a Xingcode, started making events and even answering support. I still have fate in Masang Soft.
  5. Hello Galastreet, I am mostly agree what you mention on your post. Biggest issue is the number of the players we have. There is no competition due to the small numbers of players. Well, nobody wants to spend money if there is no return. Then, Masang Soft is not happy if nobody spends money. I think Masang Soft should seriously consider of ways to bring people back to game or joining the servers and establishing a decent GM team. In Phoenix server we were happy. We had a dozen of player in the both nation. Almost everybody left due to couple of toxic players. I think Masang Soft is aware of these problems. However, it is matter of operational capacity.
  6. Hey! Well, if you do not know your ID Í am not quite sure that the support team will be able to help you. Try your chance anyway, cant lose more, open a new account and send a ticket letting the team know your character name, server, and your level perhaps. They may be able to help you.
  7. Bir yerlerde sifre id ni yanlis yazmissindir. Email den kurtarmaya calistin mi? Birde sifre id ni boyle yerlere yazma bir daha. hatta sana tavsiyem bi id ni yazdin. git sifirdan yeni bir tane ac. ve kimseyle paymazsam id ni
  8. Phoenix'de GF zamanindan beri oynayanlar bilir. Eva'nin ne kadar kufur baz ve ahlaksiz oldugunu. Her savastan sonra Ani chate gelip kufurler savurdugunu. Hatta Olulerin arkasindan zincir ve kanat acma olayini ben ilk ondan gormusumdur. Sizinle bir video paylasayim dedim. GM ler tarafindan datalari ile kourcalanarak yapilmis +15 itemleri MERSO Saban'dan 1000 TL ye alip kullandigi; biz eventlerden gelen herkesin esit satlarda kasip kullanabilecegi 5 dk lik tilsimleri kullandigimiz icin bize adaletsiz dedigi yorumlari ve kendisinin piskolojik degerlendirmesiyle birlikte derleyip bir cevap videosu yapauim dedim. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5ugqyeI7Fo Masang Soft'a geciz samaninda MERSO Saban'a verilen itemlere inanmiyorsanizda GM-X motoruyla cirit attigi videoda ha burada: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxyydwR6cXQ
  9. Iyi gunler. GF den buraya gecerken sitede bir secenek verilmisti. Eyer karakterimi Masang's gecir secenegini sectiysen hala kurtarabilirsin. Masangin sitesinden transfer secenegini tikla. Eyer GameForge deyken carimi gecir demediysen gecmis olsun. Karakterin silinmistir. Eyer carinin leveli yuksek itemleri cok iyi ise Masang Soft'a bir ticket atmayi dene. Belki bisiler yapabilirler ama buyuk ihtmalle silinmistir.
  10. I gathered some fun game play. Please, do not forget to subscribe and leave a comment. If you like the content "like" or if don't like it then click on the "dislike" button. Enjoy! Note: The Bgear known as M3Z4RC1 has a +15 Navas-Navas full probability 110 level bawoo which secretly forged then taken into his possession by former GameForce GM MERSO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoBsHnXG6oE
  11. Depremde sevdiklerini ve mal kaybeden arkadaslar gecmis olsun. Bu gunlerin cabucak gecmesini ve sabir dilerim.
  12. Legna

    Vol. 1

    I have been playing this game for 12 years. Never made a video. Here we go. No hard feelings! They probably killed me more than I killed them. Enjoy! Kestigimden cok kesilmisimdir. Seda Sayan'in Ace Online uyarlamasina cevirmeyin burayi 😆 https://youtu.be/lp1HkBzNQ8A (The Forum does not let me add a window)
  13. Valla bu on ekin Turkcesini bilemedim ama ben Italyancasini tercih ederim 😁
  14. After the maintenance on Dec. 20th, multiple bugs have accrued: -Pet/Drone auto kit does not work. The drone does not appear next to the plane even though it is equipped. -Exception 0Xc0000005 accrues a few seconds after you log in to your character. My friends and I are not able to stay online. If you manage to town or die it seems the second bug I mention is kind a fix. However, I was not able to do it. I get the exception too fast. So, I am stuck 😄 I can't log in.
  15. Bugun sehire gelip kufurleri dizmissin dandanakan/heydouglas. Forumuda okuyorsun buraya yazacak yuzun yok sanirim. Birbucuk formun icinde yakiyorum seni yenilemeyle kurtariyorsun. Ayip yani anagemi gunu kalabalikken gelip bizim sehire kufurler yagdirman. Anca kalabalikta borun otuyor oda benim sirtimdan silme seszilik felc eksik olmayacak ben tek olacam birde senin mg destegin olacak. Birde en az 1 form olacaksiniz. He GM lerden alinmis +15 navas navas bawoyu saymiyorum bile. Gecenlerde tekte kahluada can cekise cekise kafani yerlere vuruyordun.