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  1. Depremde sevdiklerini ve mal kaybeden arkadaslar gecmis olsun. Bu gunlerin cabucak gecmesini ve sabir dilerim.
  2. I have no problem players having +15 navas navas items. My problem is formal Game Masters making these items for themself during GAMEFORCE time and sell them to other players when they do not play it anymore. If they posses GM-X and these +15 tempered items god knows what else they have? I say tempered cuz, these items seem like they have secret extra probability and piercing. The item is +15 full probability enhanced however, it hits like +20. Same player owns +15 full piercing bawoo as well. Same story with that one. If you guys want to research I can give you the name of the GM. His player nick name is MERSO, his real life name is Saban. He was a player on Phoenix BCU. When the game moved to Masang Soft the GM team in GAMEFORCE allowed him to posses GM-X, +15 tempered Bawoos and etc. He transfered these items to his own character. Now, he is long-gone, he sells these items in cash. I even know how much money he took. 1000 TL for each +15 item. So far I know MERSO did not sell the GM-X. The +15 items were purchased by player name ollo. He also used nick name DaNDaNaKaN, HeyDouglas in the past. He plays an IGear name Soullesmod. This Ig's name used to be Konlive, bofore that it was Evanescence. He has a Mg and its name is HeLLYeaH. So, I have no problem with players having good items. I am only against GM made tempered items that nobody competes. I don't think you would like it either.
  3. Thank you guys for showing interest in the subject. There has been an update on this case. So far what we know is Viga is not using hack. Viga owns a GM-X engine, however, he is not a GM. He is a normal player like you and I. Here is how did Viga possess a GM-X: When the game was distributed by GAMEFORCE in Europe, a GM working in the team (player name by MERSO, real life name by Saban) got GM-X, +15 Navas-Navas full probabilty 110 level Bawoo, +15 110 level pierce Bawoo (God knows what else) just before the game was passed to Masang Soft. The GAMEFORCE GM team allowed him or did not stop him. It is not their problem anymore. Masang Soft and we have to deal with it. So, these items have been switching one account to another. Also, they are tempered items. They seem they damage more than they are supposed to. Masang Soft has been informed in Jan. 2022. However, some of these items are still on the loose. 653225102_15navasbark.bmp
  4. Legna

    Vol. 1

    I have been playing this game for 12 years. Never made a video. Here we go. No hard feelings! They probably killed me more than I killed them. Enjoy! Kestigimden cok kesilmisimdir. Seda Sayan'in Ace Online uyarlamasina cevirmeyin burayi 😆 https://youtu.be/lp1HkBzNQ8A (The Forum does not let me add a window)
  5. Valla bu on ekin Turkcesini bilemedim ama ben Italyancasini tercih ederim 😁
  6. After the maintenance on Dec. 20th, multiple bugs have accrued: -Pet/Drone auto kit does not work. The drone does not appear next to the plane even though it is equipped. -Exception 0Xc0000005 accrues a few seconds after you log in to your character. My friends and I are not able to stay online. If you manage to town or die it seems the second bug I mention is kind a fix. However, I was not able to do it. I get the exception too fast. So, I am stuck 😄 I can't log in.
  7. Bugun sehire gelip kufurleri dizmissin dandanakan/heydouglas. Forumuda okuyorsun buraya yazacak yuzun yok sanirim. Birbucuk formun icinde yakiyorum seni yenilemeyle kurtariyorsun. Ayip yani anagemi gunu kalabalikken gelip bizim sehire kufurler yagdirman. Anca kalabalikta borun otuyor oda benim sirtimdan silme seszilik felc eksik olmayacak ben tek olacam birde senin mg destegin olacak. Birde en az 1 form olacaksiniz. He GM lerden alinmis +15 navas navas bawoyu saymiyorum bile. Gecenlerde tekte kahluada can cekise cekise kafani yerlere vuruyordun.
  8. I took this video sometime ago. Viga is not a GM however, he is fast and can stay still. Also, his engine turn rate is high. My speed is 580 and he can still increase the distance while I am chasing him. Watch the video, let's see what do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxyydwR6cXQ
  9. 2 gun once atus sn sinde 4 bcu vs 1 ani vardi. sn nin acinin indirmisler 1 ani ye karsi savasiliyor. Starlitede sn cikiyor bende gelince neden bcu atusu kesip starlite sn sinede gelmiyorlar. Sizinle savasmak icin illa 4vs1 mi olmak lazim? 4vs2 de herkes sehir nobetine basliyor. Isiniz gocunuz vardi ev hali vardi anlarizda. Buda ilk defa olmuyor ki. 1 lvl snleri kesmeye gelmiyorsunuz. 15 lvl snleri savunmaya gelmiyorsunuz. Ondan sonrada bcu eziliyor, itemimiz yok polemikleri oluyolur. Biz nasil yapiyolaruz itemleri?
  10. A few months ago, we had the Ice Cream Binder armor collection brought up with attack bonus. Which we almost never get attack bonuses anymore. So, my friends and I decided to get some armor collection capsules and get the Ice Cream binder. Then, after the event, it despaired. I spent about 50 capsules and it went to waste. I have been trying to contact Masang Soft since then, however, they won't answer me. Does any of you have the same problem?
  11. You need to get your old email address password. without that there is no way of confirming that is your account. You can try contacting Masang Soft Support.
  12. Legna


    I don't think it is permanent. It is planed as an event and at some point it might get closed. However, I have a feeling that it could be an opportunity for Masang to join the all the servers in the future.
  13. Sitede sol altta Turkey i sececen sonra indireceksin. yoksa Ingiltere sunucusunu indiriyor otomatik
  14. This is the second post about that manner (posted on Oct. 1st, 2021): To all ace pilots from the glorious 'Prisca'. Hello! Free flying in the sky 360 o flying shooting game ace online. The development team newsletter informs pilots about the future development direction. It was written to provide a communication channel. Our Ace Online team is with you today at Ace Online. We are constantly working hard to repay the support of our pilots. Please see below for details. ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------- [Integrated Event Server Development Progress] I will tell you about the development progress of the integrated event server. The Ace Online development team developed the integrated event server with the goal of the third quarter of 2021. However, we would like to express our deepest apologies for not being able to proceed with the promised 'opening within the third quarter of 2021'. In the meantime, as many members pointed out, the Ace Online development team We have been working hard to solve the problem of latency, which is a communication speed problem caused by the physical distance between countries and continents. As you all know, latency is a very important factor in Ace Online as it is a flying shooting game. Therefore, it is about which region to select to minimize the latency problem between Europe and Asia. We had no choice but to engage in lengthy discussions and technical reviews. Currently, the Ace Online development team is working in Virginia, Singapore, Montreal, Canada, etc. We conducted latency tests between countries and continents through data centers around the world. As a result, it was confirmed that India's 'Mumbai' region was the most optimized latency between Europe and Asia. Now, the Ace Online development team will be using it for integration events independent of building the infrastructure. We have completed building separate clients and servers, and are conducting in-game tests except for latency tests. The fact that we did not keep our promise to open in the third quarter of 2021, As the person responsible for the development of Ace Online, I am very sorry. We apologize once again for the delayed service than the promised time. We will do our best to open as soon as possible so that we can meet pilots from other countries. Below is an explanation of the differences between a regular game server and an integrated event server. Please note. [Changes in the Unified Event Server] The following changes are planned for the integrated event server. However, please note that the information below is subject to change in the future. 1. In the integrated event server, recovery kit items, ammunition refill boxes, and enhanced search items are sold at low SPI prices. 2. After the transfer of the integrated event server, an appropriate amount of SPI will be paid to use while participating in the event. 3. In the first integrated event server, Korean servers (Deka, Bishop, Philon), Japanese servers (Galaxy), European servers (UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey 2, Poland, France), etc. The event will be held for 12 servers. 4. Even characters who have applied for the integrated event server can be used normally on the server the members are using. - This is a concept in which one more character in the account that members are using is created in the same way after applying for event participation. Characters created on the event integration server can only be used on the event integration server. - That is, when the event starts after participating in the event, the character being used on this server and the character of the integrated event server are You can think of it as a separate character used on the server during the event period only as a character with the same stats. ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------- In addition, various matters may be changed, but We will be able to guide you in detail. Once again, we would like to apologize to the members for not following the pre-development schedule. By optimizing the latency problem and many other problems, please be sure to tell pilots from the integrated event server. We will do our best to promote PvP with users around the world. thank you. Here is the link: https://ao.masanggames.co.kr/AceOnline_User/8650986 Again, this won't be a merge. This is a integrated server event. In my understanding, if you choose to join the event, you character will be copied on the event server and your original character will stay wherever it is.
  15. I found the Integrated Event Server post on South Korea forum (it was shared early 2021): To all ace pilots from the glorious 'Prisca'. Hello! Free flying 360º flying shooting game ace online. As we welcome the new year of 2021, we are looking forward to seeing you with the Ace Online Newsletter after a long absence. The development team newsletter was written to inform pilots about the future development direction and to provide a communication channel. Our Ace Online team is working tirelessly to repay the support of the pilots who are with us today at Ace Online. Please see below for details. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━ [Development of integrated event server] Currently, our Ace Online development team is providing its own services to Korea, 7 countries in Europe (UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Turkey), and Japan. Our development team imagined that if we develop an integrated server that combines Korean, European, and Japanese servers into one, our hearts will race just by gathering users from different countries around the world. And after testing the technical limits for a long time and figuring out what we can do, we are finally developing an 'integrated event server' in the first place. Of course, in order for this integrated server to be operated stably, there will be various difficulties and a lot of feedback from pilots is needed, but at this point in the global era, our development team is also the first challenge to take a suitable step. And thank you for your generous feedback. The main contents of the integrated event server are: 1. You can use the data from the server you belong to by moving it to the integrated server. 2. It is planned to be a server that is opened regularly, not a server that lasts all year. However, this may be adjusted according to the user status and feedback in each country. 3. Some content, such as hunting, ash lane, crystal, boss subjugation, reinforcement, and destruction auction house, is restricted so that you can focus only on the war between factions. 4. Also, you cannot use the Cash Shop and WP Store, only the SPI Store. However, this SPI shop will also make some items unavailable for purchase. 5. Other factors are under discussion with development, and we will prepare to disclose more information in the future. In addition to this, I think that the development of the integrated event server will gain more momentum as there are positive responses coming from North and South America, Vietnam, etc. where the publisher is servicing. <Additional information about the service schedule of the integrated event server> - Added content at 03.03 17:00 6. The official event schedule targeted by the development team is the third quarter of 2021. It is currently in the testing stage based on UK and Korean data, and the technical review has been completed. a. The technical and business planning review has already been completed, and a more detailed roadmap is disclosed below . b . We check the local (regional) latency for service and are in the review stage. i. This part will be checked within March. c. From the end of March, we plan to work on the server work of the integrated event server and change the game data to be used for the event . d. From April, we plan to work on the web linkage of the integrated event server. e. The final goal of the roadmap was to complete all development within June at the latest and hold the first event in the third quarter . 7. We are making various adjustments or reviewing and planning adjustments in various ways so that this integrated event server can provide a sustainable service in the future rather than a one-time development. 8. Even if there is a slight delay, we will never give up or cancel development. Our top priority is to restore the trust of the lost pilots along with the development of the game. [Enable PvP] Among the maps currently open to you, Ash Lane is one of the main contents of Ace Online. However, there are many opinions that field PVP, which is another important content, is not activated because many pilots' play time is concentrated only on the map above. Accordingly, our development team is reviewing the following contents in consideration of various opinions. 1. We are considering changing Ashlane from a neutral zone to a war zone. 2. We are considering making it possible to acquire rewards that could have been obtained in the hidden space in the field. 3. Through the above two changes, we expect to be able to activate field PVP and focus more on the content called 'war'. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━ It is difficult to give an exact development schedule for the contents mentioned above, but please note that some contents are under development. The Ace Online team always welcomes the opinions of pilots, and we ask for your small interest in Ace Online. We will do our best to become an ace online team that can respond to the support of pilots. thank you. Here is the link: https://ao.masanggames.co.kr/index.php?mid=AceOnline_User&page=1&document_srl=8139402