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  2. Depremde sevdiklerini ve mal kaybeden arkadaslar gecmis olsun. Bu gunlerin cabucak gecmesini ve sabir dilerim.
  3. El año pasado también lo pregunté y no creo que haya ido a mejor la cosa, viendo el movimiento en el foro y dentro del juego pero... a ver si suenan campanas. ¿Como es la situación en el juego este 2023?
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  5. I have no problem players having +15 navas navas items. My problem is formal Game Masters making these items for themself during GAMEFORCE time and sell them to other players when they do not play it anymore. If they posses GM-X and these +15 tempered items god knows what else they have? I say tempered cuz, these items seem like they have secret extra probability and piercing. The item is +15 full probability enhanced however, it hits like +20. Same player owns +15 full piercing bawoo as well. Same story with that one. If you guys want to research I can give you the name of the GM. His player nick name is MERSO, his real life name is Saban. He was a player on Phoenix BCU. When the game moved to Masang Soft the GM team in GAMEFORCE allowed him to posses GM-X, +15 tempered Bawoos and etc. He transfered these items to his own character. Now, he is long-gone, he sells these items in cash. I even know how much money he took. 1000 TL for each +15 item. So far I know MERSO did not sell the GM-X. The +15 items were purchased by player name ollo. He also used nick name DaNDaNaKaN, HeyDouglas in the past. He plays an IGear name Soullesmod. This Ig's name used to be Konlive, bofore that it was Evanescence. He has a Mg and its name is HeLLYeaH. So, I have no problem with players having good items. I am only against GM made tempered items that nobody competes. I don't think you would like it either.
  6. Hey there, Let me give you a little secret: This is something kinda common in all servers 😄 and masang most likely wont do anything about it on the other hand +15 navas navas' are something rare but a thing that exists I have legend of legend hieros v5 e15 aswell
  7. Thank you guys for showing interest in the subject. There has been an update on this case. So far what we know is Viga is not using hack. Viga owns a GM-X engine, however, he is not a GM. He is a normal player like you and I. Here is how did Viga possess a GM-X: When the game was distributed by GAMEFORCE in Europe, a GM working in the team (player name by MERSO, real life name by Saban) got GM-X, +15 Navas-Navas full probabilty 110 level Bawoo, +15 110 level pierce Bawoo (God knows what else) just before the game was passed to Masang Soft. The GAMEFORCE GM team allowed him or did not stop him. It is not their problem anymore. Masang Soft and we have to deal with it. So, these items have been switching one account to another. Also, they are tempered items. They seem they damage more than they are supposed to. Masang Soft has been informed in Jan. 2022. However, some of these items are still on the loose. 653225102_15navasbark.bmp
  8. Legna

    Vol. 1

    I have been playing this game for 12 years. Never made a video. Here we go. No hard feelings! They probably killed me more than I killed them. Enjoy! Kestigimden cok kesilmisimdir. Seda Sayan'in Ace Online uyarlamasina cevirmeyin burayi 😆 https://youtu.be/lp1HkBzNQ8A (The Forum does not let me add a window)
  9. Valla bu on ekin Turkcesini bilemedim ama ben Italyancasini tercih ederim 😁
  10. After the maintenance on Dec. 20th, multiple bugs have accrued: -Pet/Drone auto kit does not work. The drone does not appear next to the plane even though it is equipped. -Exception 0Xc0000005 accrues a few seconds after you log in to your character. My friends and I are not able to stay online. If you manage to town or die it seems the second bug I mention is kind a fix. However, I was not able to do it. I get the exception too fast. So, I am stuck 😄 I can't log in.
  11. Bugun sehire gelip kufurleri dizmissin dandanakan/heydouglas. Forumuda okuyorsun buraya yazacak yuzun yok sanirim. Birbucuk formun icinde yakiyorum seni yenilemeyle kurtariyorsun. Ayip yani anagemi gunu kalabalikken gelip bizim sehire kufurler yagdirman. Anca kalabalikta borun otuyor oda benim sirtimdan silme seszilik felc eksik olmayacak ben tek olacam birde senin mg destegin olacak. Birde en az 1 form olacaksiniz. He GM lerden alinmis +15 navas navas bawoyu saymiyorum bile. Gecenlerde tekte kahluada can cekise cekise kafani yerlere vuruyordun.
  12. I took this video sometime ago. Viga is not a GM however, he is fast and can stay still. Also, his engine turn rate is high. My speed is 580 and he can still increase the distance while I am chasing him. Watch the video, let's see what do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxyydwR6cXQ
  13. 2 gun once atus sn sinde 4 bcu vs 1 ani vardi. sn nin acinin indirmisler 1 ani ye karsi savasiliyor. Starlitede sn cikiyor bende gelince neden bcu atusu kesip starlite sn sinede gelmiyorlar. Sizinle savasmak icin illa 4vs1 mi olmak lazim? 4vs2 de herkes sehir nobetine basliyor. Isiniz gocunuz vardi ev hali vardi anlarizda. Buda ilk defa olmuyor ki. 1 lvl snleri kesmeye gelmiyorsunuz. 15 lvl snleri savunmaya gelmiyorsunuz. Ondan sonrada bcu eziliyor, itemimiz yok polemikleri oluyolur. Biz nasil yapiyolaruz itemleri?
  14. Prova a reinstallare il client, cmq il server è pressochè deserto
  15. Devo dire che siete proprio dediti ai vostri giocatori un post messo il 30 ancora non ha una risposta?
  16. sempre la stessa storia provo a fare un log di tanto in tanto e mi da sempre lo stesso errore 0xc0000005arised!!
  17. A few months ago, we had the Ice Cream Binder armor collection brought up with attack bonus. Which we almost never get attack bonuses anymore. So, my friends and I decided to get some armor collection capsules and get the Ice Cream binder. Then, after the event, it despaired. I spent about 50 capsules and it went to waste. I have been trying to contact Masang Soft since then, however, they won't answer me. Does any of you have the same problem?
  18. Buenas Noches Sres de Masanggames / MasangSoft. Tengo una consulta. ¿En el ultimo mantenimiento, los cristales de ceniza quedaron mal? Según lo que se registraba desde que de implemento la versión del juego en la que participamos. Ya no funcionan al parecer quedaron como los de oasis. Quería saber, ¿es un error o definitivamente quedaran así? De ante mano muchísimas gracias por su rápida respuesta y atención.
  19. Hello Massang Team. I try to choose a nation on my others gears but is impossible to do it. When i click V to choose same nation, nothing happen. still is same choosing screen. Is any chance to repair this one. Other think. Since when at game is possible to have a E17? Thanks for reply Pain
  20. EIS

    Wird Zeit...

    ein ganzen Server nur für die europäischen Raum zu machen. 😄
  21. You need to get your old email address password. without that there is no way of confirming that is your account. You can try contacting Masang Soft Support.
  22. Legna


    I don't think it is permanent. It is planed as an event and at some point it might get closed. However, I have a feeling that it could be an opportunity for Masang to join the all the servers in the future.
  23. Il trasferimento a cui fa riferimento il post che hai visto si riferisce all'evento del server integrato a cui ci si può iscrivere (anzi poteva, visto che le iscrizioni si chiudevano il 27) solo avendo già un account. i vecchi account della gameforge non esistono più se non hai fatto il trasferimento a suo tempo (2016 mi pare). L'unico motivo per rifarsi ora un account e farsi l'equip è perchè si spera in un'unione server di cui questo evento del server integrato potrebbe essere il primo tentativo temporaneo sotto forma di evento.
  24. Salve, in questi giorni mi è tornato in mente questo gioco (a cui non giocavo da una decina d'anni) e ho voluto riniziare, guardando in giro ho visto che air rivals è stato chiuso e che hanno riaperto aceonline e, nonostante siano passati diversi anni, stavo guardando se ci fosse un modo per trasferire i vecchi account e personaggi; su fb ho visto un post di qualche giorno fa in cui dicevano di entrare sul sito e seguire le istruizioni, ma sinceramente non ho trovato nulla. Qualcuno sa nulla a riguardo?
  25. Witajcie. Kto będzie chciał ten skorzysta. Stworzyłem serwer Discord dla tej społeczności, nie wiem jak wy ale ja osobiście bardzo mało korzystam z Facebooka czy tego forum dlatego też poniżej wklejam link do Discorda. Bardzo proszę o przeczytanie zasad, a następnie nadanie sobie rang 😉 Nie każdy ma kontakt ze starymi znajomymi dlatego czemu nie odświeżyć znajomości. Serwer ma też na celu informowanie w sumie w czasie rzeczywistym pewnych spraw związanych z właśnie ARką. Mam nadzieję, że dawne animozje pozostawicie na bok i będziemy mogli w sposób kulturalny porozmawiać. PS. dodam, że jest też pensjonat emerytalny, to dla tych co już nie grają ale jednak gdzieś tam maja ochotę pogadać, ze starymi znajomymi 😉 kod zaproszenia VsFhR7NcwN
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    to juz na stałe?
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