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Another GM-X Shows Up On The UK (Re-Post)


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Hello everyone,

Last week a friend of me from the UK server told me they had a GM visiting them in the BCU side. 

I think there are no assign Game Masters. The player with the GM-X engine did not have GM Tag on. 

When were being moved from GameForge to Masang Soft, GMs from GF were offered two option; they can retire or; they continue as a GM on Masang, however, they are not given a GM character. They can only answer tickets and be the bridge between servers and Masang Soft. Correct me if I am wrong.

 gfd on these screenshots probably a former GameForge GM took a GM-X. He is probably showing off his fancy schmancy engine.

Note: I thought I already opened a post about this, however, I could not find it. If my post taken down I did not get a waning about it. So, not to sure was it taken down or I failed to submit the post because, the forum is very buggy.

Thank you for reading!


Have you seen my last Ace Online video?

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H3Ii1_Yu_w




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